Improving the clinician experience

Reminiscing about my childhood family vacations, this was the recurring question while riding in the car for what seemed like forever. 

My father would always reply, “Not yet, but we’re getting closer by the minute.” Getting there was grueling, but once we arrived, we forgot about the drive’s burden as we enjoyed the benefits of the vacation experience.

Several studies have been done to quantify the impact of EHRs. A 2016 report revealed that 49% of physicians’ days are spent on clerical tasks, while only 33% interacting with patients.

It’s no wonder the EHR is often blamed for increased physician burnout. Unless trained otherwise, the provider’s time is disproportionately dedicated to administrative work – either while a patient waits or after hours.

Healthcare Leaders’ are focused on improving the clinician experience of the Quadruple Aim, ask the question from my childhood, “Are we there yet?”  The reality, no we are not, but we can be. We can adopt a human-centered approach to technology to simplify and improve workflows, then streamline processes for care teams that remove inefficiencies and barriers to care.

We’ve been on the frontline.  We are trusted advisors, sharing industry best practices and insights that make them successful. At Ellit Groups, our goal is to help clients roll out solutions that are both efficient and empathetic. The right technologies, implemented correctly, and allowing physicians to be present with patients instead of focusing on administrative tasks.

Training is the key to changing that narrative. Ellit Groups offers a unique, efficient training experience that uses data to inform training. We understand how to teach workflows that change the experience with the patient, while still documenting as required. The end result: a successful EHR adoption that fosters greater physician/patient time over-and-above the required administrative tasks. This is the essence of the Ellit Training Experience.

What do you think? Are we getting closer every minute? Let me know your thoughts.

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