Support Managed Services

Ensuring the best experience for your users and patients by employing strategies to strengthen performance and user satisfaction.

Drive High-Quality Patient Care and End-User Satisfaction

At Ellit Groups, we understand the importance of your healthcare IT investments in driving positive patient outcomes. We offer a team of experts who have developed an exemplary support model, aligned with ITIL framework and key measures, to ensure that your IT solutions remain operational and effective in delivering high-quality care and high user satisfaction.

By partnering with our experts, you can elevate the end-user experience and position your organization for success.

Helping Patients Get Better Care

Ellit provides your organization with the talent and solutions to drive real results through:

  • Set up SLA’s and measures of success
  • Tier 1.5 “How-To” help desk staffed by expert trainer level resources who are incentivized to drive down ticket volume
  • Virtual Support Liaisons (VSL) who enhance physician and staff confidence, competence and productivity through targeted coaching based on data and benchmarking.
  • Tier 2 and 3 Application Managed Services
  • MyChart, Patient Portal, and Telehealth Support
  • Quality and Revenue Capture Support
  • Virtual Staff Augmentation

Experience the Ellit Difference with our Support Services

As certified ITIL experts, we have extensive experience helping organizations implement support models using the ITIL framework. Our focus on incident management, problem management, and service management allows us to measure, monitor, and track results to ensure success.

We take a flexible, solution-agnostic approach to ITSM, tailoring our methodology to each client's unique needs.

Be Prepared for EHR Downtime with an Elite Strategy & Execution

As a healthcare system, maintaining uninterrupted access to accurate and up-to-date patient data is essential for providing exceptional care and ensuring patient safety. It is crucial that healthcare systems have the proper EHR downtime procedures and policies in place to avoid consequential risks. We refer to it as “Clinical Care Continuity.”

Having been in the trenches and as operational leaders, we know first-hand why this is critical to your organization. We recognized the benefit of proactively assessing and managing risk, as well as understanding the inherent danger of failing to identify and address potential threats to business continuity.

As your partner, we help you identify your areas of vulnerability and provide a strategy so you can continue to provide uninterrupted care for your patients.

Helping Patients Get Better Care


Assessment, planning, training and regularly scheduled drills.


Checklists, ADT Recovery, Charge Capture and Clinical Reconciliation procedures.

Risk Management

The right communication tools to reduce your risk.

Downtime Documentation

Clear policies and procedures, forms on-demand, patient identification that drive repeatable process.

Business Continuity Access 

Assessments, workstations, workflows and critical downtime reports. Access to accurate up to date patient information.


5 Reasons To Use an Epic Managed Services Partner

Transform Your Organization

Ellit provides strategies, tactical execution, and patient-centric solutions that enable our clients to transform their businesses to better serve their customers and improve patients’ lives.

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