Security Managed Services

Ensuring compliance and patient data protection while improving productivity and efficiency.

Mitigate your risks with our experienced team

Securing healthcare data is critical. Establishing and maintaining a security posture that adequately protects patient data and balances interoperability, transformation, and innovation is top of mind for healthcare leaders.

As healthcare organizations strive to reduce costs and improve efficiencies without compromising safety or quality, our EHR Security Managed Services offer a seasoned team of experts with over a decade of experience who work to proactively maintain your system to reduce financial and organizational risks, implement best practices, and standardize data. We offer solutions and services that can help you comply with HIPAA standards and provide improvements in productivity and efficiency.

Helping Patients Get Better Care

EHR Security

Our EHR Security and SER resources provide provisioning services, role-based access design, security governance best practice solutions and logical access audit support.

Identity Access Management

Our IAM resources provide end-to-end User Lifecycle Management - Active Directory account management, application access, and Privileged Access Management.


Role Based Access Controls & EHR Security

Transform Your Organization

Ellit provides strategies, tactical execution, and patient-centric solutions that enable our clients to transform their businesses to better serve their customers and improve patients’ lives.

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