Solved: Epic MAR documentation and CBORD diet orders

In Healthcare, certain technology solutions that are specialized for specific hospital departments just are not available by one vendor across the entire healthcare system.  PACS for Radiology and CBORD for Nutrition Services are great examples.  So, how do you integrate these systems to work safely and efficiently with your EHR?

An HL7 interface is the typical response, but it goes beyond just that.  The complexities of each system in accordance with patient safety must be addressed and yet resolve the challenges generated by technology.

Situation: As part of a patient’s care, Nurses administer nutritional supplements, tube feeds, and infant formulas through the MAR activity in their Epic EHR.  This provides a detailed record of medications that the patient receives.  Hospitals that utilize another system like CBORD dietary software must set up an interface with Epic when they go live.

Background: In an EHR software solution, medication orders are used for supplements, tube feeds, and infant formulas and do not interface into CBORD. CBORD software utilizes diet orders rather than medication orders.

Assessment: In the Epic EHR, an “Order panel” was created that has both a medication order for each of the supplements, tube feeds, and infant formulas as well as a linked diet order with the specific supplement defaulted. 

Recommendation: The result allows supplement orders to interface into CBORD and be scanned on the MAR activity.  With two order types created for one supplement, Nutrition Services will send the correct supplements to the patients and the Nurse can scan the supplements on the MAR.

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