Provider Configuration Management – External Provider Directory

Provider Configuration Management is an important but critical component to your Epic EHR Security. Failure to provide the correct information can create a host of problems such as delays in billing and results routing, decreased patient satisfaction, and increased breaches in PHI that come with financial implications and potential legal ramifications.

To reduce your operational and financial risks, special considerations within your Epic EHR Security must be implemented.  Here is just one example of how we can help.


When preparing to extract external provider directories using Epic. Organizations are having challenges getting the end users to perform the Provider on the Fly feature in Epic. This feature will search the External and SER database for a Provider via the National Provider Identifier (NPI). If a NPI is not provided, organizations are using a Generic Provider to link as the Attending Provider for the patient. Which in this case, the Claims and Results will not reach the External Provider and cause billing issues.


How can we get the users to lookup the Providers using Provider on the Fly? Does user training need to occur? How can we make this process efficient for the Organization?


We recently had this situation with one of our clients. We assessed the issue with their Management and IT to understand the current state and how we need to address the challenge going forward. Client was not willing to extend further training to the staff to search for these External Providers but wanted the Providers to be in the SER database ready to be utilized and properly configured.


The process we designed was to extract the requested directories from the client. Create an import spec to import the External Provider records into the SER database. Import Spec needs to be identified for External Providers ONLY to standardize the build for all incoming providers. Once import had been reviewed and successfully imported into production environment, we ran the Care Everywhere utility to compare and load the Care Everywhere Direct Addresses. Using this process, we were able to successfully load over 55K Providers from the Epic Electronic Delivery Service (EEDS) directory to the Organizations SER database.

What Now?

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