Personalized Learning at Scale: Reskill and Upskill Your Workforce

As the impact of the pandemic continues to change how we work, organizations are recognizing the importance of being able to reskill and upskill their workforce to meet new demands.

However, most companies struggle to create personalized learning experiences that drive behavioral change and improve performance that are scalable. Everything seems to be moving fast and the workforce is too busy, distracted, and now geographically dispersed for traditional training models to be completely effective.

Ellit Groups can solve the challenges that keep organizations from delivering engaging, impactful, and personalized learning at scale. Our unique approach transforms training from a rote activity, where managers can only hope for results, into a strategic tool that delivers a workforce aligned with evidence-based, best practices.  Improving efficiency while lowering costs.

The tools we use contain patented algorithms that detect and correct the knowledge gaps, doubts, and misconceptions that exist in the minds of clinicians in every organization. 

No matter the stage of your EHR transformation, these tools can help identify staff who struggle, utilizing training resources in more of a coaching function to personalize the material and improve individual performance.

Using this approach has proven to be effective in many areas:

  • New Hire Orientation – we have reduced traditional training time for students who already have functional experience with your EHR and just need to learn your custom configuration.
  • Annual refresher training – reduced time to mastery through adaptive learning when correct and confident with the required material.
  • Personalization and Efficiency Coaching – identifies areas of misinformation and struggle which combined with user data produce insights where workflows and inefficient techniques can be improved.
  • An analytical view of how individuals perform providing valuable data on actionable interventions to take toward improving results.

We are passionate about helping you succeed, maximize the learning experience with the least amount of disruption to patient care. Contact us to schedule a demo and get your Ellit Training Experience today.

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