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  • When am I eligible for benefits?

    New employees of Ellit Groups, LLC are eligible for benefits the first of the month following 60 days of eligible employment.  

    Eligible employment means you are an employee regularly scheduled to work at least 30 hours per week. 

  • When can I make changes to my current health benefits?

    Open enrollment occurs once a year starting on January 1st and closing on January 31st. During this time period, you can make changes to your health plan, your health savings account, and other plan related details.

    Open enrollment includes Medical, Dental, Vision, Short- & Long-Term Disability, and Voluntary Life & AD&D.

    Benefit plans will generally be effective February 1st each year. *

    *New full time eligible employees electing coverage will be effective on the first of the month following 60 days of hire.

  • Where can I view current plan information?

    View employee benefit elections at Employee Navigator​​​​​​​.


  • How often are we paid? What is the payroll schedule?

    Ellit employees are paid bi-weekly, every other Friday. You can view a full payroll schedule in Paycor, on the homepage. 

  • Where do I set up or modify direct deposit?

    New employees will be invited to create an account and can access it online through Paycor or by downloading the app on your smartphone. 

  • Where can I find tax information?

    Paycor is our payroll our timekeeping and payroll system. Tax withholdings or yearly documents can be accessed via web browser or by downloading the app on your smartphone.


  • How do I update my timecard?

    Ellit Groups uses Paycor application for daily time recording and timesheet submission. Billable employees must record their time in Paycor. Timecards must be finalized each Friday. Instructions for logging your time can be found here.

    Contact [email protected] with any questions. 

  • What's the PTO (paid time off) policy? How do I request PTO?

    Salaried employees are eligible to participate in our flexible PTO plan. There are no accruals, maximums, "use-it" or "lose-it", rollovers or year-end payouts. Click to review our flexible PTO policy for further details. 

    To request PTO:

    1. Log in to your Employee Navigator account

    2. Click on the Time Off menu option:​​​​​​​

    Employee Navigator Home

    1. Click on the green “Request Time Off” button

    2. Select Leave type (vacation, personal, sick, bereavement, jury duty)

    3. Enter the start and end dates of the leave

    4. Enter the total hours being requested

    5. Enter in a reason/notes (not required)

    6. Click the green “Submit Time Off Request” button

    ​​​​​​​This will send an email to your manager alerting them that you are requesting PTO. From this email, they can approve or deny the request. You will receive notification from the system letting you know the approval or denial has been recorded.

  • What if the customer I'm working for has a holiday? Do I also take that day off?

    Ellit Groups values family time and traditions, offering paid holidays for our salaried employees. Holidays observed for the calendar year can be found in Paycor. 

    Your specific customer engagement may offer additional holidays available to you.


  • Where do I go to refer someone for a job?

    To refer others to open positions at Ellit groups, fill out our Employee Referral Form.

  • Where do I view open job positions at the company?

    Current openings can be viewed here Open Positions. If you have additional questions about a particular position, contact our recruiting team at [email protected].

  • How do I recognize a coworker of mine?

    Catch one of your peers going above and beyond? Recognize them by navigating to Recognize an Employee link from the Hub Home or fill out Employee Recognition Form​​​​​​​.

  • Will Ellit cover the cost for additional certifications?

    Additional certifications are covered by Ellit Groups on a case-by-case scenario, based on our client's and Ellit Group's needs. In the event you have a professional development plan in place with your manager, certifications or other training opportunities may be reviewed. 

  • Will Ellit cover travel if online courses are not available?

    In the event there is not a virtual option available for a certification filling a gap that exists on our team, please discuss with your manager.


  • Who do I contact if I need equipment?

    Equipment needs are identified at time of onboarding. Ellit Groups issues the following hardware to all full-time employees: Laptop, Monitor 24", Keyboard/Mouse.

    Please email: [email protected] for additional needs or questions. 

  • Who do I contact if my equipment is not working?

    If hardware related, please contact Dell directly at 1-800-624-9896.

    Note: Be ready with your laptop's service tag, as support will ask for this in order to assist you.  

Remote Work

  • What are the expectations of a remote employee at Ellit Groups?

    Upon hire, you will be instructed to review the telecommuting policy as part of onboarding. To refer back to this policy and others for Ellit, navigate to our policies page or click Telecommuting Policy.

  • Do I need to have my camera on for meetings?

    The expectation is to be camera ready for Ellit staff meetings and client-facing meetings. 

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