Asset Management: Updating, Upgrading and Automating your Inventory Process

Healthcare systems use a wide range of technology, all purchased at different times and spread throughout the network. Keeping an inventory of all of those devices can be quite a challenge, all too often done manually.

Situation: When preparing for an Epic EHR Go-Live, the challenge becomes even more significant as you must assess your environment to see what equipment meets the standards of a technical dress rehearsal (TDR) and what does not. TDR has software standards as well as hardware standards.

Background:  How can we automate the inventory process? How can we know what software needs to be updated, and how can we upgrade it most efficiently?

Assessment:  We recently had this situation with one of our clients. We used an asset management system to automatically scan all of the devices on their network and create an inventory that updates itself.

The product’s flexibility allowed us to create a custom dashboard that showed what computers had the required software and which ones still needed upgrading. The software also has automated software deployment, so we made custom deployment packages to automate the update and installation process. We also configured the deployment process to rescan the computer after each deployment and update the tracking dashboard.

Recommendation:  Using this process, we increased the number of updates performed by 700% with far more efficient targeting and tracking.

We created custom reports to meet the Epic team requests for hardware readiness assessments with detailed reporting of all network hardware.  Maximized their investment by teaching support staff how to use the custom actions feature and empower them to remotely perform tasks like deleting user profiles older than 180 days to free space on the machine. We are also bringing the complete asset inventory into their Support Software/Ticketing System instance using a plug-in to connect the two systems.

These are the type of creative solutions Ellit Groups brings to enhance the services provided by Epic and help you prepare for Epic Go-Live. Our technical staff has years of experience managing healthcare technology most cost-effectively. Our expertise in configuring and using these systems can ensure you have the right tools for the job and maximize your investment.

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