5 Reasons To Use an Epic Managed Services Partner

As organizations look to get more value out of their Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, they will need to address people and process strategies to operate more effectively and efficiently if they want to reap the rewards of data-driven healthcare.

But as they begin the process of regular upgrades, updates, and new implementations with their Epic EHR, they face several potential barriers. This includes: 

  • Sustaining a full-time technical staff to implement, support, and upgrade throughout the lifecycle of the Epic applications.
  • Periodically bolster your infrastructure and increase staffing for Epic implementations and upgrades.
  • Increased operational expenses resulting from an introduction of additional healthcare needs for specific patient populations.
  • Additional resources required to conduct hardware refreshes and address new processes after Epic upgrades.
  • Implementing a full-time, on demand support model “How to” for Epic users.

Where both quality and costs are involved, here are five reasons to eliminate your technology challenges and maximize the potential of your Epic investment utilizing our Epic Managed Services model.

  1. Staff Expense: Rigid staffing requirements create challenges for organizations who face staffing turnover and those that operate under smaller budgets.  With an Epic Managed Services partner you will have the necessary Epic-certified experts consistently available to support your Epic environments.
  2. Hardware Requirement Adjustments: New Epic versions can mean new infrastructure and compatibility needs.  As your partner, we understand the needs and best practices for your Epic requirements to assure optimum performance and software operations across your hardware.
  3. Epic Honor Role: Achieving Honor Roll requirements is not simple. You will need Epic-certified staff and stay current on new features.  As your trusted partner we manage your infrastructure to exceed platform requirements, disaster recovery, ease of use for providers, patient engagement, etc.  We eliminate the internal skills gaps and expense of satisfying the requirement for certified staff.
  4. Resources to Monitor 24x7x365:  Most organizations do not have the resources to monitor their Epic EHR system around the clock.  With an Epic Managed Services partner you will gain peace of mind and proactive expertise to handle technical issues and tending to the needs of your end users.
  5. Business Continuity Requirements: A managed disaster recovery solution ensures the recoverability of your critical systems and data in the event of any loss, theft, or disruption.

Maintaining an Epic EHR can be an extraordinary task for Healthcare IT teams, from the technical aspects to supporting functionality with users who require on-demand assistance to care for patients. Considering an Epic Managed Services partner allows your valuable resources, and budget dollars, to be utilized on more critical patient facing initiatives and other technology advancements.

Ellit Groups can assess your Epic system and gaps, so you can achieve the maximum return on your IS investments for your patients and your staff that drive outcomes in alignment with your strategic goals.

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